Admin web page stops working

  • pfsense 2.2.6
    Captive Portal with Radius authentication via AD.

    I have been running pfsense 2.2.6 on VMware for a few years without issue. In the past few weeks when trying to access the admin webpage i am getting the following on Chrome

    The page isn’t working
    pfsense server didn’t send any data.

    I can restart the server and it may work for a few moments but then it just stops. Users can still login via CP and browse the web.

    Nothing has changed on the VMware side. I have done a clean install of 2.2.6, done a clean install of the latest version but I get the same symptoms.

    Any ideas.


  • I have an idea

    My DHCP scope included the IP address of the pfsense server and therefore someones mobile was picking up the same address as the pfsense IP address which I assigned as static. It was all my fault.

    Good stuff.

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