Image corruption and page load issues

  • Hi All,

    Since I have updated to the latest version of pfsense I am having issues with some websites loading, some images are showing as corrupted but cannot see any issues in the logs

    I have PIA installed and have tried turning it off

    along with Squid, SquidGuard and Snort

    any ideas on how to fix the issue?


  • hi

    does anyone have any ideas?

    it looks like css is being affected to as pages are not loading correctly, some images are not there or show corruption, not sure what is happening as nothing is in logs?

    Thanks very much

  • might be squid cache corruption.

    you could try clearing the cache:

  • its very strange does look like most the same images that are corrupt, but even some newly visited sites arnt loading correctly

    i have tried that but its still the same, it only recently started happening and nothing has changed

  • I have tried turning off snort, squid and openvpn, but some websites still are not loading correctly?

    some do eventually load after several refreshes, nothing is logged and there are no failed packets,

    It only seems to be since i installed the latest pfsence release, any ideas?

  • Your browser, your RAM, your net connection…

  • its affecting multiple browsers and devices,

    I have a ssd drive fitted could it possibly be the ssd drive?

    also have 16gb of memory installed so may try removing a stick of ram at a time and see how things go

  • pfSense is installed i literally thousands of places.  It does not just corrupt your traffic.  It must be something to do with your environment in conjunction with pfSense perhaps, or some weird corruption as a result of the upgrade.  Sometimes the pragmatic approach is best: if all else fails, nuke your install and restore it from config.xml backup.

  • thanks :-) will try that strange thing is when i browse on my mobile everything seems fine just not on my laptop and desktop pc :(

  • There's some caching going on somewhere, either the bad images are being cached on your PC or the good ones are cached on your phone.

  • thanks i am having some weird issues with esxi which have only just started happening to so i presume it may be that

  • I've been using various versions of ESXi along with various versions of pfSense for years without any issues, and certainly not bizarro ones like image corruption.  You would think that if you're experiencing data corruption, it wouldn't just affect image files but ALL data coming down your wire.

  • yes thats what i am thinking really do not know whats going on, videos on internet work fine, ps4 online works fine just doesnt make sense just seems to be images and css content :(

  • here is a sample from ebay the page layout just does not load along with some images

  • I don't know what to tell you.  If you have disabled all middlemen packages like squid, snort, etc… if you aren't using your VPN... if you have cleared the caches on all browsers and you STILL get weird css/image glitches then perhaps you're just cursed?  What happens when you take the router out of the mix altogether and just connect directly?  Do you still have these issues?