Video streaming issues - WAN and LAN

  • Good evening all,

    I am looking for some assistance or advice on fine tuning pfSense to help improve my streaming. The primary issues I'm having are with DIRECTV ondemand (WAN) and Roku streaming from my Plex server (LAN). All systems are hard wired in, I had the traffic shaper set up (but deleted it as it didn't help). Ondemand will load and start to play but then stops to buffer then tells me my internet speed isn't fast enough. Roku has to stop and buffer every few minutes the starts again.

    Modem (60/4) > pfSense 2.3.2-RELEASE-p1 > Netgear Prosafe Switch > Networked Devices

    Any ideas of what to check or something i could be missing?

  • Have you tried rebooting? What do you get if you run a speed test? 60Mbps should be more than enough for streaming (Assuming you are getting 60 Mbps).

  • Are your Plex Server and the Roku both on the LAN and plugged into the same switch?

    Are you using the Roku to watch your DirectTV On Demand or do you have a device from Direct TV you are using?

    Which version of the Roku do you have?

    At this point there are too many variables in play with the DirectTV ONDemand so I would start by troubleshooting you Plex\Roku problem first since they are at least on the same network.

    How is your switch behaving?  Do you see any indications there might be a problem there?

    Have you tried a factory reset on the switch?  Have you tried a factory reset on the Roku?  (Make a backup file of the switch config before the reset!

    Do you have trouble streaming from Plex to any other devices on your network like a PC, Tablet ect…

    Do you have trouble with all your streams from Plex or just certain shows\movies?

  • Thanks for the response.

    Plex setup is as follows:
    Modem - pfSense - Netgear SmartSwitch - (dumb) switch (in living room sharing network to PS, XBox, TV, Roku 4.

    This setup is all on VLAN1. I know the switch downstairs will remove the VLAN tag, but it's on the primary so no issues there. Roku is only used for streaming services non DTV related. Plex is the only thing that I have seen buffering on. I have used HBOGO on it without an issue (no quality loss or buffer). I haven't used it too much other than primarily Plex. With Plex it will buffer on anything I attempt to stream to the Roku. I have gone through all the settings and attempted every combination of DirectPlay or transcoding I could think of.

    The switch is behaving just fine. Everything else connected to it works as it should, no matter what VLAN it is. I have not done a factory reset on anything as I hate configuring everything again. If the issue is with configuration and I reload the saved config the issue will just return.

    As for the DIRECTV (now AT&T) related things I have a head start on most as I have worked for them for many years now. I know the issue is related to my pfSense config on that.

    Right now I have ALL traffic shaping removed.

  • Netgate

    I never, ever have any streaming issues on any streaming service. Multiple simultaneous Netflix, Cox OnDemand, HBO, MLB, Amazon.

    You have 60/4. I have 100/10. 60/4 is plenty. Netflix HD is about 8Mbps for me.

    Your Plex and Roku are on the same local network and there's buffering? That doesn't go through the firewall at all.

  • On a shitty core2 duo netflix would take a while to fill in, and have several blips.

    On my 6 core xeon as long as the servers were good the video came in perfect from the beginning.

    The AM1 is the same as the xeon just at like 1/10th the watts and runs about 30% cooler.

    IDK the core2 sucked at netflix.

  • Could it have anything to do with the settings on this page of the switch?

  • I may have resolved it. I ran through the traffic shaping wizard with PRIQ. In the past I attempted HFSC thinking it was the best thing to use. On the DIRECTV side of things I set RTSP to high priority. Seems to be running smoothly.

    As for Roku, not sure yet as I haven't used it lately. Will update if the issue persists.