• Well, I am not really sure what exactly I need to do, but I had my pfsense box out being worked on and when I plugged it back in I accidentally plugged my WAN cable into my first LAN port. I think this threw the firewall for a loop and jacked up a bunch of stuff since I can't get anything to work on that port any longer. I have a second subnet going which I am now using, but suffice it to say that isn't exactly how I like to use this setup.

    I am pretty new to pfsense so I really don't know what exactly I need to clear or flush to try and get this back working. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Well, I reset the state table (tried this before, didn't seem to work) and cleared all firewall logs, then re-cleared the state table and we seem to be fine. I really need to learn more about pfsense….. I am such a noob which infuriates me :/