Client dhcp leases

  • my client connected to isp , how to move them to pfsense coz they got ip adress from isp not pfsense . Or will it be automatically ? i want to add them to dhcp leases .

    sorry iam new here .

  • If you are suggesting you have multiple static IP's from your ISP, you will want to setup IP alias for each, then NAT them to the internal desired internal devices.

  • If they are getting the lease from isp, they are not behind the firewall. I'm suspecting your setup to be wrong.
    Think (and do): isp <-> modem <-> pfSense <-> switch <-> clients

    Read this a couple of times: for the first 20 slides or so, it's a bit dated but hopefully explains a bit where a Firewall should be positioned etc.
    and practice on your google-foo  ;) , lookup all things you don't fully understand….

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