AUTH mechanism PLAIN not available –UPDATED Post

  • Hello All!

    UPDATE–-  I have tried all 3 of my email accounts (gmail is one of them)  and I receive the same error regardless of which one I use.

    I can use sendmail from my centos servers and use blat from windows pc's but cannot use the email notifications from within this version of pfsense.

    Is there something that had been removed?  Is there a patch I need to install?

    I have PfSense v 2.3.2 -p1

    I am attempting to configure system notifications and get this error: Could not send the message to <my email="">ERROR 504.5.3.3 AUTH mecanism PLAIN not available

    I have Growl disabled.  My email settings are the same in outlook, thunderbird, and joomla all work fine.  Some Google search stated it is a FreeBSD issue missing components.

    Can someone help?

    configuration  of email in thunderbird/outlook are:

    Account type POP3

    incoming / outgoing server =

    login = email account + pw

    smtp port = 587

    no encryption

    Any assistance would be appreciated</my>

  • Success at last!

    After looking at the email configuration settings for earthlink and work, I began to try one option at a time regardless of what the instructions for outlook / thunderbird said.

    Finally, I stumbled on a combination that worked!  I sent 4 test messages.  All went through successfully.

    So now, I will watch tomorrow for the scheduled reports/notifications to see if it sticks.

    Hopefully I can mark this topic as done tomorrow.

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