DNS on VLAN Interface

  • Trying to set DNS resolver bound to both LAN and VLAN 200 interfaces; it is bound on LAN and localhost, not active/bound to VLAN200.  DHCP from fw on VLAN 200 interface is working.


    VLAN 200:
    VLAN 200 is sub interface of LAN

    Screen shots attached.

    Thanks for your help

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    You already have it bound to your vlan.. Why you have it set like that for outgoing interfaces have no idea?  Do you have downstream name server you need to query?

    If your using the resolver - why do you have and  I could guess that is a downstream name server??  But why googledns as well? To be honest if your using unbound in resolver mode the only dns that should be listed for pfsense is

  • Thanks for your response, this ended up being a firewall rule problem.

    There are internal DNS servers so no need for pfsense DNS on the LAN.  Want to provide 2 DNS servers for the guest wifi: pfsense is primary, google dns is 2ndary.

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    "Want to provide 2 DNS servers for the guest wifi: pfsense is primary, google dns is 2ndary."

    Why??  If your guest wifi need to resolve stuff on pfsense then if they happen to ask google that will fail.  Normally in a guest setup that you do not have any need for the guest to resolve anything local you would just point them to something outside like google.  So if your worried about google dns failing just point them to opendns as your secondary.  Both of these ns can resolve the same stuff.

    In a scenario where your pointing to pfsense and some public your talking to ns that can not resolve the same stuff which cold cause problems if that different stuff is needed.