(Unbound) Multiple A Records Returned, Wondering how to Suppress Some

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    I'm running a multi-network setup. For simplicity, lets say LAN and Management. I have firewall rules set up that allow me to access the Management .1 address (router) Web Configurator (good). The issue though, is that on my LAN host, when I dig for the hostname, I get two A records back. This ultimately means that when I try to resolve (and I want the Management IP), my browser chokes on the first IP in the list (the LAN IP).

    I understand why - I have a manual override in place, as well as the option for registering dhcp leases.

    My question is simply: How do I either
    a) Reorder the returned results so that the first A is the management IP (by default, the first record will be for the IP on the network that the host is querying from). OR
    b) Squelch the LAN IP all together?

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    So you have 2 different networks?  And your registering or have both addresses in play?  Just use 2 different names via you override.  This has come up a few times before.

    Here is one thread for example, you can do this with dnsmasq or bind and views where you can return an address based upon where the query came from.  But I am not aware of a way to do this in unbound without running multiple instances of it and listening on different interfaces with different records, etc.