Block internet access not working

  • hello,

    I tried to block restrict internet access for some devices (desktop and wifi device)using there ip address Firewall/Rules/LAN

    Still all blocked listed ip address using internet without any problem.

    I'm attaching screenshot of settings i did for same, let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

    Package installed:
    1. pfBlockerNG
    2. Squid Proxy


    I did small technical change

    under heading- SOURCE

    Source IP - put whose LAN IP need to block internet access
    Destination - Any

    Note: put this rule above all.

    see screenshot for reference

    Thats it done may be someone find small reference from my post

  • Netgate

    If is the host you are blocking, that needs to be in the source address. You are blocking connections from that host on LAN, not to that host on LAN.

  • thank you Sir i corrected myself now I'm able to block internet for specific IP.