DNS Resolver IPV6 Resolution Question

  • In order to resolve and IPV6 website I had to list and IPV6 upstream DNS (ie Google). Is this the correct configuration? Absent the IPV6 DNS enrty in the Pfsense setup I just resolve to the IPV4 address.

  • It shouldn't matter whether you use an IPv4 or IPv6 address to reach a DNS server.  The same info is returned either way.  In fact, on my local network, devices that use DHCP to obtain an IPv4 address also access my DNS server via the IPv4 address provided by DHCP.

  • Just a followup question. Absent the IPV6 DNS Conf entry a ping from a client machine only shows the IPV4 address, Not the IPV6.

  • Normally, IPv6 is used.  However, with Linux there is a separate ping6 command.  So, if you just use ping on Linux, IPv4 will be used.  Otherwise, an IPv4 response could indicate the destination or path doesn't support IPv6.  So, you can specifically try both with ping -4 & ping -6 in Windows or ping & ping6 in Linux.  I just tried pinging for IPv4 and IPv6 in both Linux & Windows and got the expected results.

  • Thanks… your correct my system is now working that way. I am now just using the dns resolver without another other dns entry in the General Setip. It is beter using the DNS Root servers this way.