MLPPP logging in multiple times?

  • Hi everyone, my setup is pfsense 2.3.2 on a box with 6 ethernet ports.  I have 3 DSL modems attached (1 to each port of course) with modems in bridged mode.
    MLPPP works just fine, but my ISP (Teksavvy) has said that I'm logging in 4 times every time.

    And looking at the logs, it looks exactly like this.  1 login for each modem, and then 1 again for the MLPPP 'bond' itself.  According to my ISP, I should have 1 login only, which is the MLPPP login, not repeated 4 times for 3 modems.

    In the setup, looks like we enter our username/password in the PPPoE interface, then under advanced where we select the multiple links, we enter a username and password again.  So I can kinda see how this is happening.

    I cannot leave the PPPoE WAN UN & PW blank, and just fill in the advanced MLPPP fields (tried that).

    Any thoughts on this?  Should it only be 1 login as the ISP is saying?


  • I believe you can set wan for DHCP if memory serves.

    Then go to "assign" and select the WAN interface and select the PPP you set up.

    I never had this problem with my two circuits I had before the upgrade we did, but I can't recall if that was pre 2.3 or not..

  • Thanks for the suggestion - tried it.  As soon as I assign the WAN (DHCP, or anything else) interface to the PPP group, it flips the WAN interface back to PPPoE and all the credentials are back in there.  Checking the logs, 4 logins again.

    No Joy.