Wifi/modem/router Question

  • Hi,

    I am new to pfsense and networking; and was wondering if someone can please help me with my question.

    Currently I have an ADSL2+ connection. The Internet WAN port connects to my Netgear (DGND3700v2) wifi/modem/router.

    I understand I can do this to connect my devices to wifi

    Wifi router (passthrough mode) —> PFSense WAN port —> PfSense LAN Port —> Wifi Access Point

    However, I wanted to understand if I can use my existing Netgear router as both Wifi Router (pass through) and as an Access Point at the same point?

    Thanks in advance.

  • probably not (unless you can control the individual ports on the modem)

  • Thanks for the reply. So what sort of port settings should the Netgear support?

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    You're probably not getting an answer because this is not a netgear forum.

  • Very smart reply mod. I was thinking probably getting the info on the ports conf will help me out and then I can ask Netgear forum on "how to do it?".. anyhow you are the mod! Sometimes having the wrong people … :) cheers.. please feel free to close the thread!

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    The read the answer as "no you can't". I'm not aware (but open to suggestions) of any commercial SOHO product like Netgear, that let's you configure ports that way you would need to have that router in front of the firewall and use the WiFi correctly, but at the same time pass through the modem port to the firewall behind. That would need major internal routing "magic" IMHO. Also it makes no sense. If you want to "protect" or log those WiFi clients, they aren't supposed to be in front of the firewall/filter but behind it.

  • Well in theory you can do this,

    ADSL2+ connection–---to pfSense WAN port--then connect LAN to----Netgear LAN PORTS(acts as a AP and wifi NO DHCP  and gateway)----wifi devices


    ADSL2+ connection-----to pfSense WAN port--then connect LAN to--another wifi netgear(acts as a AP and wifi NO DHCP or gateway)----wifi devices


    ADSL2+ connection-----to pfSense WAN port----then connect LAN to----Netgear LAN PORTS(acts as a AP and wifi NO DHCP AND

    This would mean you have 2 WIFI with different WAN only if your ADSL2 can give 2 WAN IP