DHCP Permission denied

  • Hello,

    My server running version: 2.3.2-RELEASE-P1 (amd64)

    With i7 CPU and 8 GB RAM, and running services ( DHCP, IP Forwarder, Snort, Captive Portal and ntopng) and I have 80 users connected via Wi-Fi

    everything is working fine but when users logins exceeded 50 users online, the whole lan stop responding and when I access to the dash board from WAN I got error message on DHCP logs as below

    "dhcpd: failed to send 300 byte long packet over em0 interface"
    "dhcpd: send_packet: Permission denied"

    also; there are no special firewall rules running.

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    "Captive Portal"

    When you do a search for that permission denied error, I only see stuff related to captive portal.  Do you have some sort of limit on your captive portal?

  • Captive Portal enabled with all defaults except

    • Maximum concurrent connections : limited to 5
    • disabled concurrent user logins

    And custom login page.

    That's all

    By theway everything running fine after I reboot the pfsense but the problem repeated once or twice  every day