PfSense dyndns setup with Hover registrar

  • Hi pfSense gurus,

    Trying to find information on pfSense dyndns setup with Hover registrar and DNS provider. The goal is to run this on the pfSense.

    I don’t see Hover listed under the dyndns providers (as Hover does not officially support/offers dyndns for now).
    There is widely referenced unofficial Hover API that is being successfully used and scripted by many.

    Has someone done this with Hover, perhaps running custom script in pfSense?
    Any caveats, risks?

    I was searching the forum for any references on this particular question without success.
    Let me know if I have missed it, I will appreciate it.


  • I just solved it today.

    What I did was use a custom dydns on pfSense that is pointed to my own custom hosted dyndns hover updater.
    The good news is that the updater that I run on my private vps external to the pf router is a php script.

    I took a look at the dyndns class file and a new section for Hover could be added based on my existing scripts.

    Also, I tried running the scripts on the pfSense box itself at something like but I get a SSL error when pfSense wants to do the update, so incorporating the logic into the official dyndns class would be best.

    See the 3 php files that I am running on my external vps. (rename them to .php)

    The "compatibility.php" is just a library containing the function for the curl call that supports cookies.
    dyndnsHover.config.php - configuration file
    dyndnsHover.php - the generic Hover updater



  • Found some time today so I wrote the needed changes for pfSense.
    The diffs below are for version 2.3.2-1. I just upgraded the router to the latest stable.

    There are 3 files that need to be modified:

    They are all php so any changes are visible as soon as the changes are done.

    If there is any contributor that would like to push these changes to the master branch, it would be great!!!

    Important note: the code was tested today with 6 different hosts on 4 different domains.


  • I managed to submit the code to the main repository.
    As soon as the maintainers review it, it will go in.

    For the record:

  • Thanks for creating this!

    To clear up any confusion for anyone, when creating the DDNS client record for Hover, it asks for hostname and domain name.  In the instructions below it, it says to enter the fully qualified domain name in hostname.  However that did not work for me.  To update a host\domain name called "," I entered like this:

    Hostname: my
      Domain name:

    I also saw a post from M.Roth on the Hover Forums the following tips:

    • second-factor has to be disabled on the account, otherwise login does not work

    • a hostname has to be provided; * or @ is not accepted by the pfsense config

  • Does anyone know if this is still working? I can't seem to get it to work. Have tried lots of troubleshooting, but can't get an A record to show up on Hover and traffic isn't routing correctly.


  • Figured it out. Looks like it works, but you have to manually create the A record first. Pfsense seems to only update an existing record. Probably a good thing to make clear in the documentation.