Multi WAN AT&T gig fiber polling failing

  • Hello. I have setup a pfSense firewall for a client who has a Comcast Cable and AT&T gig fiber line. I have gone and setup the multi WAN and Gateway group. I setup the polling and it works fine on the Comcast line but for some reason no matter what IP I put in on the polling it keeps marking the line as down. I have done test pings from the AT&T interface and they respond fine.
    I have setup the AT&T router to make the pfSense interface as the DMZ and allowing everything to pass.

    Has anyone seen this before???


  • Is the multi-wan setup working alright in basic configuration ?

  • Sorry but I got pulled away from this so I am just now looking back into it again.
    If I disable the Gateway monitoring it properly routs traffic to that gateway which I want to be the primary as it is the fastest. But as soon as I enable the gateway monitoring it marks it offline and starts sending the traffic to the Comcast line.
    I would love any help here.
    I have attached a copy of my config XML


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