IPsec/L2TP Client cannot go out pass pfSense

  • Let me first say I think I'm in the right section and Thanks in advance for any help.

    I have a SoftEther client which cannot get out pass the pfSense FW to connect to the VPN (SoftEther) server on the internet.

    I use to have a Cisco ASA and I had no problems until I swapped out the ASA to pfSense.

    (If I move the client where it is no longer behind the pfSense FW the problem does not exist)

    Is pfSense limited to the number of tunnels it can open or did I fail to enable some feature.

    Currently using 2.3.2-RELEASE.

    Thanks again,

  • I seem to have somewhat the same issue as this old thread in regards to a VPN client passing through pfSense.

    "VPN Client Cannot Connect Through pfSense" 

    (No joy in finding a solution however)

  • Seems the SoftEther client is using SSTP to connect to Azure to make the connection back to my VPN server.  So it's not IPsec/L2TP connection really.  I have no issues connecting on port 443 to other web sites.  Real newbie question but what log(s) do I need to look at from the pfSense GUI to see my connection traffic/process?

    For reference in what I'm trying to do:


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