Nat issue email server? (SOLVED)

  • Hi,
    I was wondering if someone else has had this issue before? So I configured a postfix server, did the NAT to port forward and everything works, Whats odd, some people from outside lets say mobile data shows the default deny which is odd because its open to the world, i did see TCP:S and TCP:RA and TCP:FPA, then I had to create a rule on the WAN to allow everything which was a temp solution for the IP 181.49.72.XXX for that user at their home, but the mobile data which is the 152.201.68.xx wont wont no matter what. I tried on the WAN on TCP Flags to check any flags and still no luck :(

    Thank you

  • Looks like your blocks are for, but your NAT rules only allow  Port 995 gets redirected to

  • lolz.. i feel like a f***cking sorry i had dyslexia i messed up on the NAT i put  instead of

    Thank you again..