MRemoteNG is alive!

  • For years, I've been using a remote connection manger called mRemoteNG.  I used to use Remote Desktop Connection Manager by Microsoft, but it was too limiting due to it only supporting RDP.  mRemotNG supports a bunch of different connections, including RDP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, ICA, Telnet etc.  The version I had was an unreleased beta, with main development stopped around 2013.  Just for giggles, I googled mRemoteNG to see what was going on with it and it looks like someone has picked it up and is continuing development on it as of June 29, 2016!  Very exciting stuff (at least for me).  I can manage almost every single host under my control from one window.

  • I love mRemote(NG) too, using it with 90%+ of the admin tasks.
    I've budgeted a donation in the next IT budget if this keeps up (wich it seems too :D )

  • Fantastic - thanks for sharing.  I've been using the commercial version called RoyalTS ever since the passing of mRemote.  It's great to see that mremoteNG is back in production.  One reminder to always be careful about where you store your passwords.  The original mRemote was implicated in some bank hacks in Asia  I seem to recall reading that it was also part of how Stuxnet was distributed within the Iranian nuclear facility, but can't seem find support for that right now.

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