PfSense - OVH/SYS - Assigning static IP to VM behind firewall

  • Hi, not sure if I'm just being thick here. I have searched the forum and can't find help with this particular issue.

    I have pfSense on an ESXi box, along with several others VMs with I want to have pfSense acting as the firewall to the VM's, which each have their own public IP address.

    Static IPs in OVH get assigned a virtual mac address, which you then assign to a machine within ESXi. The netmask is and the gateway is the IP of the ESXi host, which is in a different range (that was a PITA to get around with pfSense!) allowing use of the static IP.

    I have pfSense working fine using DHCP on em1. VMs get an assigned IP and the connection routes through pfSense.
    Disabling DHCP and attempting to assign the OVH provided static IP to a VM, with either ESXi gateway or pfSense as the gateway does not work at all.

    I have not had to do this before, especially with this odd setup so I'm not sure if what I've tried is even close to whats required. Can anyone offer guidance please?

  • pfsense doesn't support L2 firewalling, I think

    Also, when your vm's have the ISP as the default gateway, you're out of luck and need to redesign your routing to allow all traffic to flow through pfSense, but i can't tell you with any sofifistication how to do that without knowing your exact setup.