Ldap log SquidGuard Windows

  • Good morning people,

    Hum configured pfSense 2.3.2 authenticated not here in AD Company, okay All RUNS good, inclusive LDAP search.

    However the Windows Server Event Viewer IS clogging User's logs that makes a proxy authentication (LDAP DN) Every requisition Some local Seems That the User Logs in AD paragraph VerificAR as information and After Log Off Again, Generating Millions Daily records without event Viewer, about 10GB per day and 14 million logs (This is because limited the Log one ONLY 10GB).

    I disabled the Log without ACL Group to pfSense but THIS IS NOT influenced. TBM tried disable a User's auditoriums Para entry in Windows Server, but NOT TBM forward.

    Someone KNOWS How do I do what a check ldap NOT BE all the time, if by Chance HE saved Some local basis?
    Another option would be logs Taking OS to Event Viewer User hum of only, but not found any information without windows and NOT on the internet About How Does IT.

    The User que generates logs is only Doing LDAP Authentication no guard cells (Base DN).

    Also I tried apply patch hum that makes a paragraph batch check not lpdap only in 5 of 5 minutes in Another homologation environment, but also failed.

    I count on your collaboration.

    Thank you!