Multi LAN Routing Help

  • Hi need some help having multiple routers on mutiple networks.
    I have 1 router on the "edge" that connects to the WAN and handles inbound and outbound for all the VLANs and such.
    Now i want to add another router that will do VLAN routing on my ESXi host to prevent that traffic from leaving the vSwitch and lowering the amount of traffic that leaves the switches to go to the main router.

    I have each interface on the 2nd router set to use the main router as a uplink to get Internet. and set the "everything else" firewall rule to use that gateway.

    [Internet] <–> [Konori (Main Router)] <–---> {All the VLANs}
                            [Konori-FX (2nd Router)] <–> {All the VLANs}

    Once i set the gateway in a host on a VLAN i can get internet access (assuming it hopping twice) but i cant get access to the other VLANs (cant even access the DNS on the other VLAN)

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    you don't need all the vlans to your edge.. Your downstream router would be connected with a transit network.  Your routing now at layer 3, you have no needs for any vlan info.  Other than if the transit network is a vlan, etc.

  • Well i wanted to get around double NAT (some of my server do not like this) and have only servers and such that are on that server to route on there, everything else goes to the main.

    Main reason i want a router there is that it would be done on the CPU