Interface assignments SG-4860 confused about mapping physical interfaces

  • I have a SG-4860 which has 6 interfaces – with printed labeled (left to right): WAN LAN OPT1 OPT2 OPT3 SYNC.

    I'm setting up this device with a LAN, 3 WAN's and a SYNC port, so I want my connections to be:


    I've created and named these 5 interface as above.

    I thought I would do this in the Interfaces > Interface Assignment screen;

    Here I see 6 network ports (igb0 thru igb5), but the mapping between the physical ports and the logical doesn't make sense. I've tried mapping LAN to igb0 which doesn't get me to the first port.

    Look at the Status > Interfaces, I see the ports listed as (wan, igb0), (lan, igb2), … where I assume the bolded corresponds to the printed labels.

    I've tried reassigning interfaces and even rebooting after doing so, but I can't find how the mapping between interfaces and ports work.


  • After struggling with this for awhile, I think the ports are:

    (left to right)

    igb1  igb0    igb2    igb3    igb4      igb5

    (The out of sequence 1 and 0 had me confused).

    Any other insights appreciated!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The physical layout is as you describe and it matches up with the labels etched on the case. The first two ports use a different network chipset which probes in a different order than the other four ports. Thus is goes 1, 0, 2, 3, 4, 5.