Lost Snort

  • OK, so when updating snort I was getting an error so I told pfsense to reinstall snort via the gui and snort disappeared. It's nowhere to be found in the packages.
    Anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to get it back?

  • Please search the forum for the few dozen other threads.

  • ahh, ok, well this sucks  >:( I see Snort is not supported for the 1.2 final which would explain the error that I received when it was working.

    Well I hope someone fixes it soon, I'm feeling a bit exposed here!!!  :o

  • I don't now what happen with snort.
    i am working with Pfsense version 1.2 and snort works very good. (i did modify its core files to be version 2.8 though…
    but i have no problems.
    so i am not sure what happen that snort started not to work or not be available anymore? anyone can answer?

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