Webgui not accessible via https

  • I'm starting out with pfsense, have it installed and running. My laptop is connected to the internet via my pfsense firewall, and I can connect to the web configurator. Problem is that I can only do this via http, not https. In the web configurator I can see that a certificate is generated. I wonder how I can use it. Do I need to open a port or something?

  • Well I just found out. In the firewall rules I can go to LAN, then click the top most rule (Anti Lock Out Rule), the configurator icon under Actions, and then you can choose whether to use HTTP or HTTPS. Nice addition is that you can check the box for the console to lock it with the password.

  • A better way would be to go to System - Advanced - Admin Access and change the protocol from HTTP to HTTPS.

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    That self generated cert is going to throw errors at you.  If you want to use https I would also suggest you take the time to gen a new cert with valid fqdn and SAN so you can use name or IP and trust the pfsense CA so your browser doesn't throw errors at you or have you create exception, etc.