Site to Site IPsec VPN tunnel with VPN Client - No traffic through tunnel

  • I have a site to site VPN tunnel configured and connected. As you can see from the screenshot though there is no traffic passing through this tunnel. I have created Firewall rules allowing all (for testing purposes) as well as an IPsec rule allowing all.

    local subnet are my VPN clients connecting to the pfSense device via Shrewsoft. need this subnet to have access to two remote subnets on the tunnel and I have a server that requires access to a remote SFTP server on the tunnel.

    What am I doing wrong that there is no traffic passing through the tunnel? I have done a ping test on the VPN clients to the two remote subnets as well as from the server requiring access to the remote SFTP server and they all fail. Is there specific routing that needs to be done?


  • I have the Same problem,