MultiCast Traffic Between Interfaces

  • I have pfsense and two centos virtual machines running on hyper-v. I would like to be able to route multicast traffic between two subnets.

    LAN0 -
    LAN1 -

    VM1 -
    VM2 -

    I'm able to successfully ping the hosts and I do not see any drops within the firewall logs. The commands I'm using to test traffic are

    VM1 - iperf -u -c -T 3
    VM2 - iperf -s -u -B

    If I set the virtual network adapters to be on the same (but the ip's are still the same) it works, but if I change the adapters so they are different it stops working (can still ping).

    For IGMP Proxy I have
    LAN0 - upstream -
    LAN1 - downstream -

    Any ideas if this is possible? Thanks!