Software Raid: Installation and Disk Replacement

  • All,

    1. I've a pfSense installation without software raid. Is it possible to re-install pfSense with gmirror and import the old configuration file?

    2. Where can I check the array status and what steps are necessary to replace a disk?

    Can I use gmirror status, gmirror forget before replacing the disk and gmirror insert to rebuild the array?

    Is it possible to shutdown the machine after gmirror forget?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Chris

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    1. Yes. Backup the config, reinstall, and restore the config. When reinstalling, use the gmirror option in the installer to make the array.
    2. There is a widget for gmirror status, and Diag > GEOM mirrors for status and disk management. If you have SMTP notifications enabled, it notifies on any status change of the mirror.

    The diag page also offers a way to forget disks, add disks, rebuild arrays, and so on. It doesn't let you create new mirrors, however.