[ask] WINS SERVER possible for a new package?

  • is having a WINS Server possible as a package for the freebsd system?

  • This would be nice for netbios over vpn. VPN could be set to point to it over tcp/ip. The clients could pick up a browse list. This would however be a large package just for wins. It would require samba. Also the samba/wins is pretty spartan in its options. Though this could be tied into what type of network is set up through dhcpd (option 2 I think) with clients pointing to the wins. Samba should also be set to master browser.

    Nice idea.

  • It certainly is "possible" but installing samba on a firewall is a very bad idea.
    Search the form why (there are lots of threads about this topic).

  • Does it require Samba? I thought samba4wins was a stand alone wins server?

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