• Ok, After using pfsense for awhile now I find myself with a problem with the existing hardware that I have been using not being fast enough. As a replacement I have a flex-atx celeron 700 system I could use but to use it I would need a multi-port low-profile pci nic. Anyone know where I could get one that would work?

  • Nope, never seen one of those.
    But if you find it, please drop a note just to let us know ;).

  • I've found a bunch of quad or dual port nics on ebay…..price is usually under $45 USD. I've been playing around with my conectivity box some more with a soldering iron and trying to see if I can use that as it didn't have a vga plug or a ps/2 port. VGA I fixed last night with a getting a bit creative....still looking for a way to fix the missing ps/2 port problem.

  • Hi ZGamer,
    Take a look here http://www.routerboard.com/rb44.html.
    This ain't low profile but at least it's multiport…
    Hope it helps.