Interfaces Ips Error

  • Hello my friends,

    I so sorry for the question but I need help for this , I have the range ips /26 and I try put the one Ip for exemple ( ) wan and another in second opt1 ( But the pfsense not accept this in newer version I show me the error " The same ip is not accept another CIDR is in used in the WAN " my doubt is now I don't use the same CIDR in different interfaces? Or now I need make other configurations?

    Thank you and sorry for the my bad english

  • Generally, you place a different network or subnet on each interface.  If you have many IP addresses from your ISP and you want to use them publicly then use Virtual IPs.  I have 14 IPs from my ISP: 1 for WAN and the other 13 are used as virtual IPs for NATed services we offer such as mail, www, ftp, cloud, etc.

  • Thank you my friend, for configure this I need search configure virtual ip ? I never needed configure this feature but I try search in here or google thank you very much for your help