Routeing Problem With Gateway In LAN [Solved]

  • Hello, I am looking for some help to solve a routing problem.

    I have a pfSense machine setup as a typical router.
    The LAN interface is assigned the subnet
    It has an additional (not the default) gateway set up ( and a static route to send packets with the destination to that gateway.

    If I send a UDP packet to from any computer in my LAN it makes it to this gateway computer successfully.

    However I have a VPN setup on one computer that is experiencing issues.
    When this computer, also in the LAN, tries to send a packet to the pfSense machine (the packet has the destination of and the source address the packet does not make it to the gateway.
    When running a packet capture I can see the packet enters the LAN interface, however gets dropped for some reason and does not make it back out.

    So my question is what setting can I change so pfSense wont drop the packets that have a source IP not found in the subnet. I had this problem before on an Ubuntu server and found I had to turn off Reverse Path Filtering.
    More context can be found in my question at if needed.

  • I finally realized that it was default LAN Firewall rule that was only allowing packets from a LAN subnet IP address.

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