Multipe WAN interfaces for unique external IP's - configuration problem

  • Our pfSense is in a OpenStack environment. The configuration for LAN and WAN (1) is working fine.

    For an unique public IP address I have created a second interface (vtnet2) and configured the IP.
    Everything seems to be fine in (Status > Interfaces). The second interface is named OPT1
    Both WAN connections are configured using DHCP

    In (Firewall > NAT > Port Forward) I mapped a port of OPT1 to an IP address on the LAN. Without result. From the internet I cannot reach the server.

    Strange thing is that when I go to the IP of OPT1, from a server on the LAN, I get the GUI of pfSense

    Seems as a routing issue to me. Who can support me?

  • This issue is solved. The problem was in the virtual interface assigned by OpenStack

    I dropped the interface and added a new one. After configuration in pfSense the interface works fine.

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