Prometheus/Node_Exporter On PFSense

  • I'm wondering if anyone has managed to get the Node_Exporter module installed and working on PFSense in order to monitor the system from Prometheus. It looks like it's in the Ports repo of FreeBSD, but that's about it.


  • I wonder the same.
    I'll try to make an install and see if works and what additional pkg's do we need

  • I did make a little 'concept' a while back. That didnt have much requirements, and worked at least a bit.. (  install the 2 relevant files with 'pkg add' if your interested..)

    But as i don't use Prometheus, and didn't know the proper 'requirements' for a good full purpose prometheus package. Like should it have several of the prometheus modules like the haproxy one included.?. Should it have a prometheus relay to securely connect to a remote server.. Thinking about such things and all possible other modules and their requirements, i kinda dropped the idea to continue with it.. If anyone would like to continue with it i can put the sources of my initial concept package online in my git repository.

  • Do you still have those concept files? The link seems to be dead. I'm interested in picking this up and working on it.

  • @jdokoupil, link is available again.. The webserver its running on needs a kick in its but from time to time.. And isnt used for much else so i pay little/no attention to it running properly..

  • Thanks, got the files. I'll post some results if I find something.

  • Hi,

    I build an pfsense (2.4 latest) setup and I'm trying to monitor it via prometheus.
    The installation of the freebsd 11 port via pkg add works fine. Service starts and some metrics are exposed.

    Basic Metrics like: CPU Cores, CPU Utiliziation , Memory , Disk I/O seem not to work.
    The collectors are enabled.

    I tried to mount /proc manually, but cpuinfo is not available, like on linux systems.

    Are there some hints what is going wrong there?

  • Yes, I got it running with Prometheus & Grafana outputting metrics like
    What do you see in the /metric page of the node_exporter?

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