Load Balancing with 2 Tier 1 WANs using only 1 WAN in testing

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    I have configured a Load Balancing group with 2 VDSL lines (equal speed). I have created the group and the necessary firewall rules for policy routing through the group gateway.  I am trying to check that LB works and I am doing tests with speedtest.net and python speedtest-cli. I only see traffic goes to one of the WANs with any of the tests, the other is idle. I am using 2.1.5.

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  • First:  please update to a more recent version !! 2.1.5 is ancient.

    Second:  many speedtest sites don't open up enough concurrent connections to properly test load balanced throughput. Have you been sure to set both WANs as Tier1 in your routing group? And, did you set your gateway on the default LAN–>any rule to the LB group?

    Both of those are important.

    Third:  try a speedtest that has configurable # of streams (try 8-10 to get a good test)


  • Thank you,

    Do you think update is that important for this specific feature to work? I am planning to do so however. Yes, both WANs are set as tier 1.
    I have tried the same with Cyberoam devices and I see "combined" bandwidth speeds.

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  • Yes, update is important.  I am not familiar with Cyberoam devices but I am 100% sure that with a proper load balancing setup you can achieve the combined bandwidth using pfSense.

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