Wanting some advice

  • Hi guys,

    We currently have a watchguard firewall in our old office, we have a static vpn connection to AWS.

    We have just moved to a new site and have set up a BGP connection to AWS from our Juniper SRX device, however i need the two sites to talk (AWS say this is only possible using dynamic routing on both sites)

    The watchguard is not capable of BGP so i have re purposed our spare one and installed pfsense onto it, i have got BGP up and running to AWS in a test environment and the two sites can see each other.

    My big issue now is that i don't have time to migrate everything from the watchguard onto the pfsense box. is there anyway i can have the following setup watchguard > pfsense (doing bgp routing to aws) > isp router

    WAN isn't my strong point and this has been dumped on me, any advice would be appreciated.

  • @gibbers82:

    … i don't have time to migrate everything...

    Have you considered using the professional services offered from pfSense/Netgate?

    They are there for you, for exactly these reasons. To get you started ASAP.

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