Can I use two different wifi networks with pfsense?

  • Hi, I am looking at pfsense for personal and gaming. That requires 2 wifi connection, Why you ask because my personal internet's unlimited 10MB sec and like 750k upload. That will not do for twitch. So if possible, i'd like to hook up two wifi card to one pfsense build. I was looking at a price limit of 350$ for my build. Could anyone tell me if this can be done thanks!  ;D

  • It's not recommended to use wifi-cards with pfsense

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    ^ agreed!!!  Wifi cards in pfsense never going to give you coverage or feature set or speed that just getting an AP would allow you do.  An AP that supports vlans and switching that allows for vlans you can create multiple wifi networks.

    Or could just go with different AP for your different wifi networks.  If you have some old wifi routers laying around they can be leveraged as just AP in a pinch.  But its going to be better to get true AP that support vlans in the long run.

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