Nat port 80 , 2 internal webserver

  • hi,
    I come from the Microsoft world and especially TMG.
    I in tmg I created 2 nat port 80, the same public IP, and was doing a www record to a ip and email records to another internal ip.
    with pfsense how can I do having only one public ip?



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    Huh??  You can have lots of port forwards in pfsense.  But you can not send dest port 80 to your public IP to more than just 1 internal IP.  You could forward 80 to 1 internal IP on 80, and then say 81 to port 80 on another internal IP.

    I you want to forward to different IPs via dest port 80, then you would need to use a reverse proxy.  Add the package to pfsense and set that up.  Not sure what that has to do with email records?

  • Well, if I recall correctly, TMG is the next version of ISA and ISA either was or could be configured as a reverse proxy, so you'd have to configure a reverse proxy to retain the same functionality in PFsense.

    Offhand, I think squid can be configured as a reverse proxy.

  • HAproxy can also do this…...not sure which is better/more suited to this task (Squid vs HAproxy)

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