Bandwidt report info

  • Does anyone know of a router that has wireless with built in
    virus, spyware, ips, content filter to block porn categoriy and others, bandwidth reporting to tell you how much you have download and upload on a day, week or month and total /year, but also allowing you to input an amount and then once reached you want to get an email to notify you that you have reached that download amount? then be able to speed limit so once that amount was reached the speed would be less to a number you give?

    I'm looking for a hardware wireless router with this for my cable internet and also want it to work with gaming on my ps3 and 360. i have a sonicwall, but it doesn't do the bandwidth info. i have tried untangle, but it is complicated to use in part and also doesn't have that bandwidth alert/speed limit.

    so does anyone know of anything or can you please offer some input for me with pfsense or something else?

    thanks a lot guys.

  • I think that you can do this with pfsense

  • Afaik there is no virus-filter package availlable for pfSense.
    If you read around you'll see that quite a number of users are using pfSense and Untangle together.
    So you might want to take a look at untangle again :)

  • Thanks guys.
    I'm talking one device, but didn't see anything in any pfsense web page or pfsense screenshot that says anything about setting an alert threshold etc.

    I don't like untangle much for a few specific reasons.

    anyway, thanks anyway. i guess nothing like i want exists and never will. what a freaking shame, :(

  • I guess that pfSense's WebGUI is quite simple ;) For complex tasks (like alert) you may have some hooks inside pfSense shell ;)

    I almost gave up when I did't know how to do regulary remote-backup for pfsense . Finally i wrote some scripts, some daemons and everything is ok now ;)

    Let's hack pfSense :)

    NB: pfSense doesn't have anti-virus support.

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