Limited internet time usage

  • how can i control a network users (IP MAC binded) to use the internet only for say 3 hours a day
    =with no scheduling
    =with random time…..1x, 2x,3x,nx a day as desired until 3 hrs is consumed
    =no captive portal

  • I am all ears if someone knows a way, but I don't think on its own that pfSense can limit internet access to "x number of cumulative hours per day" or anything like that. You will probably need to look at installing some software on the actual device you are trying to limit, or adding another layer in between your user(s) and the pfSense e.g. a proxy.

    If you're using Windows, maybe check out

    Or if you're on Mac

    This was from 5 minutes of Googling.  I am sure there are many other & possibly better solutions.

  • ive came across contenbarrier as well so i am on the look of the network version.

  • PFsense CP with pass-through is another solution but flexibility of cumulative time usage the issue.

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