Routing From Layer 3 Switch To PFSence Not Forwarding to Internet Gateway

  • I would really appreciate if someone can suggest what I may be missing, or point me to the answer, I've been at this on and off for a few days and many hours.
    on PFSence I have two networks
    1. Main PFSence IP =
    2. Secondary PFSence IP =

    I have a VM on network that is connected to the Switch on a port with a different VLAN (VLAN 20)  this VLAN IP is

    I have created a static route from switch to PFSense IP to be able to give access to network access to the internet
    Using network -> The VM can ping PFSence and the switch. PFSense can ping the VM,  the switch and an internet IP. The switch can ping internet, pfsense, and the VM.  But when I try to ping an internet IP from the VM I get this using PFSense packet capture: … ARP, Request who-has tell (my test VM), length 46

    LAN rules = 1st rule I'm allowing everything if it orignates from the LAN net
    2nd Net = 1st rule I'm allowing everything if it originates from 2nd Net
    Outbound NAT = I have 2 rules one for and I'm allowing everything and the NAT Adress is the WAN interface

    Thanks for the help!!

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Draw a diagram. See below for the kind of information required.

    Looks like you have a couple different network segments on the same subnet which is almost never right but it's pretty hard to tell.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Yeah draw your network.  If you have a downstream router (layer 3 switch) where is your transit network?

    Why is your vm network the same as your 192.168.1/24 in pfsense if there is another router involved?

  • thanks for the responces, I'm attaching a drawing of my network. If my question is a dumb question, keep in mind I'm mostly a coder but because I'm the GM of a small software company, I am the defacto network administrator, even though it's not my strength.

    There is no real good reason to have the VM on network, but the test cloud infrastructure does need a seperate network with access to the internet.
    to the best of my knowled there is also no need to have the PFSense FW on the network Originally the swith had a static route to ip, but when the cloud infrastructure did not have access to the internet I added the 2nd LAN to PFSense and VM to make easier to test and trace the traffic.

    Again thanks for the help!!

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