Hardware choice for Dual WAN throughput

  • Hi all, newbie to the forum and after a little help.

    To cut a long story short, I've recently had Virgin installed @ 200Mbps and also have an existing BT infinity connection @100Mbps.
    Trying to be cleaver I dug out an old Draytek 2830 router, flashed the latest firmware and went about setting up dual WAN, only to find the router could not handle the full WAN to LAN throughput of the Virgin connection and caped itself at about 95Mbps.  :(

    So… I've always wanted to get a PFsense box on the go and thought this would be the perfect opportunity, the question is, does anyone have any hardware recommendations that will support the full 200Mbps+ WAN to LAN download that we receive on Virgin?

    I've been eyeing up a number of Watchguard Firebox units on ebay. X700s seem to be cheap as chips, and I've read a few posts of people rocking them with PFsense.
    Would one of these suffice and would it cope with the throughput, or are there any other/better options?


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