If shaping between lan and wan, what happens to opt1 traffic?

  • I'm happily shaping between lan and wan interfaces, so far so good, now i will connect another office using opt1 interface, i know the shaper doesn't support more than 2 interfaces, what will happen to opt1  traffic, it will match the interface's default queue on each interface right?
    If so, that means opt1 traffic will be shaped, it can not take more than the BW assigned to each default queue or am i totally misunderstanding the HFSC concept?

  • good day,

    I will be having same topology as the original post above, I read and understood the dynamics of queuing of traffics shaping.
    And know that we will be having a dedicated 2mb connection (via opt1)to the co-location data center I'm wondering how will this go along with my existing traffic shaping setup.

    Here is my current setup

    internet –-----2048/1024------------- wan(pfsense)lan–----lan segment                   
    co-loc datacenter-----2048/2024 ------opt1

    Note: traffic shaper ON -working decently with a existing queuing on the lan/wan is this:

    1024 Kb    qwanRoot
    2048 Kb    qlanRoot

    Since I'm quite happy with my basic traffic shapper, my question is:

    1.Is traffic shaper queuing work only on  wan interface? I mean can i push higher traffics to LAN interface and expect that queuing will take place before traffic totally pass out on the wan interface? I ask this since my upcoming 2mb dedicated line to co-location server, I want it or expect it not to pass in "wan" queuing since traffic from LAN segment is routed to the opt1 interface.

    Again pardon me with my English, thank you and good day.

  • Any outoging traffic on an interface where shaping occurs will be effected by the policy in place.
    So the traffic leaving lan will be shaped the incoming on lan no.

    (Beaware that this limit is removed on 1.3, just as an FYI).

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