Bridging WLAN connection to LAN

  • I apologize in advance for this being posted in the wrong location or for and incorrect terminology/formatting being used.

    The problem: I need to link a small ethernet LAN to a wireless internet connection. The LAN is necessary for the 2 desktops and printer on our network, as well as our own wireless AP to allow the wireless clients to connect to our printer. Speed is not necessarily a huge concern, but traffic filtering and the ability to have a VPN is.

    This might not make much sense, but here's the solution we have been using which is working fine… We use a laptop to connect to the wireless network and use Windows connection sharing to share that to our ethernet port which is connected to an off the shelf netgear router.

    Our only option is to connect to the existing wireless network, we do not have administrative access to the network.

    Is pfSense capable of doing something similar to what Windows was doing sharing the wireless connection through an ethernet connection?

    Thanks in advance and I apologize for seeming somewhat noobish.

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