DNS AXFR of reservations?

  • Hi,

    I have a bunch of DHCP resrvations with hostnames and they all resolve correctly.  Is there a way I can pull a list of all of them?  I mean, they're not really a zone (are they?) but I'm thinking along the lines of "dig -axfr localdomain @pfsense" … thoughts on how to do this?

    This .. kinda works?

    for a in {001..254}; do ans="`dig -x 10.1.1.$a @ +short +norecurse`"; if [ $ans ]; then echo "10.1.1.$a    $ans"; unset ans; unset a; fi; done

    (where is my network and is my pfsense)

    … but man, that's just ugly.

  • You need BIND, PowerDNS, NSD or something equivalent that supports zone transfers, the dnsmasq and unbound forwarders/resolvers do not have that capability.

  • Thanks for the reply.

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