Layer 2 Failover

  • Hi
    Is it possible to setup layer2 failover in PFsense?

    My Network setup:

    Distance between Site A and Site B is 2 km.
    Both sites are connected via wireless link. As a backup line, we also have layer2 fiber link between these two sites.

    Primarily I wan transfer all traffic on wireless link only and do not use fiber link at all if wireless link is working well.
    Automatically Activate fiber link only if wireless link is down. And when wireless link restored, automatically deactivate fiber link port.

    Ether-port A (wireless) needs to continuously ping other side and if no ping reply then activate Ether-port B(Fiber) so all traffic routes without any interference.
    When Ether-port A(wireless) ping gets reply, cut off PortB.

    If you ask why not to use fiber always when fiber is better then wireless, i says My ISP charges per GB for data traffic. So it is expensive when wireless link is running.

    Pls help me how can i resolve this with PFsense.


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