Interesting board by Asus

  • [Off-topic rant ahead]

    ASUS, with a market cap of $2.4B, needs a kickstarter to make a miniboard????  I thought the entire point of KS was to help creators who lacked the resources to bring their product to market by giving them startup capital.  Why does ASUS, or a subsidiary, need this?  It's almost a given now that customers are beta-testers for software.  Now we're to be their venture capitalists too, with almost no protection?

    Otherwise, it looks like a nice little unit.  It's getting to the point where it's almost hard to choose which of the many, many mini-PCs out there to run pfSense.

  • This comes from the same people who made the Up-Board, AAEON is an associate company owned by Asus and offer customization services.

  • I was interested in the original UP board, not necessarily for pfSense.  The original board had a single Realtek NIC.  I'm assuming the NICs on this one are Realtek too, but having two of them certainly makes running pfSense on it a little more palatable; not having to use VLANs for even a basic config is nice.  I'm glad I waited on buying the original; I intend to pick up one of these and give it a shot.

    Not sure about the kickstarter thing, but 89 Euros gets you the base model.  I'd pay that.  But then again, I'm a guy who bought the original Sheevaplug dev kit in 2009 for $100 and am still using it today.

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