• My BIND DNS was running happily for about 2 weeks and then  I was getting  status: SERVFAIL from a DIG query on my xxxx.internal/xxxx.local domains

    Everything was fine up until about 20-30 hosts  :)

    I thought it may have been using xxxx.local but this is apparently only affects macs and autoconfig protocols likes bonjour and alike ( i dont have any macs :P )

    So i enabled detailed logging in BIND and then saw this error on DNS query's

    zone xxxx.local/IN: journal rollforward failed: journal out of sync with zone
    zone xxxx.local/IN: not loaded due to errors.

    This was on both forward and reverse Zones.

    So apparently the journal files are corrupt or out of sync and they talk about live editing causing these problems. So moving forward until 2.4 comes out with a half decent file system I would think to stop the BIND named service before you add/edit your zones

    You will need to delete the corrupt *.jnl files which are located

    /cf/named/etc/namedb/master/"Name of your View"

    You will also need to install SUDO package and ssh to delete the files

    i.e rm *.jnl

    Once you have done that just restart BIND/named service  8)



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