Spotify Connect cross VLAN

  • I'm using Spotify Connect to control Spotify on my receiver. The receiver is in a different VLAN then the tablet which runs Spotify. Putting the receiver in the same VLAN shows the receiver as option to connect to in Spotify. Having the receiver in a different VLAN sometimes shows it, most of the times it doesn't. Firwall rules are place I can ping the receiver from the tablet in the different VLAN with no problem.

    What it needed for Spotify Connect to work reliable cross VLAN? Do I have to setup an IGMP proxy? Do I need IGMP snooping on the switches? Do I perhaps need advanced settings on the firewall rule? Strange that it does work every now and then, but most of the times it doesn't. It would be a shame if I had to put my receiver in the VLAN reserved for wireless devices.


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