Werid problem with ip redirection (advanced nat)

  • ok let me see if i can explain this…btw this happened before RC1 beta aswell....

    I have a carp system setup.  I followed all the directions and everything seemed to work ok

    in the advanced nat i made a rule (like it said in the tutorial)

    WAN  *  *  *  *  NO LAN -> Virtual WAN

    when i go to whatismyip.com from a machine behind the lan i get the ip which is GREAT


    now (have not made any changes)  when i go to whatismyip.com and refresh it says the ip address of one of the carp machines NOT the virtual ip like it did earlier........

    also when i do 1-1 nat and map one of my lan ips to an external WAN ip it works and when i go to whatismyip.com from that lan machine it gives me the proper 1-1 natted ip WHICH IS GREAT


    recently it is giving me the firewall ip

    so as far as i know nothing has changed that would have caused this to fail....

    any reason why this happened?

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