CARP triggers when new interface is added

  • Hi,

    two pfSense physical servers, each 5 nics.
    4 nics are connected via a LAG and a couple of VLANs (on that LAG) to Layer 2.

    Heartbeat/Sync is a dedicated NIC.

    When I enable the interface on a newly configured VLAN (everything done on both nodes) CARP flips out, triggers multiple times and so on.
    I get about 500 mails regarding MASTER -> BACKUP and BACKUP -> MASTER changes.

    After a few minutes it stops and the CARP/HA and everything else is working fine..

    Any idea? :/


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The heartbeat for CARP is on the interfaces where the IP addresses reside – it does NOT happen on the sync interface.

    So anything that interrupts the interface will interrupt the heartbeats. With some network cards, that means adding a VLAN could trigger the problem. It doesn't happen on all hardware, however.

    In the future, put the master into CARP maintenance mode, make the changes, then exit maintenance mode and make the changes on the secondary. That should avoid harsh transitions.

  • Hi jimp,

    thanks for the answer.

    Will try that. Unfortunately this means that I cannot add vlans/interfaces on the fly, because all ipsec tunnels, openvpn tunnels and so on will get re-established two times.


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